Chantel Woodman

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Chantel Woodman is a Cape Town based artist & designer, with a multidisciplinary background in design, metal smiting and sculpture. This diverse skill set has culminated in a unique and experimental approach to ceramics. The results are phenomenal, leading to a unique style that has caught the attention of many. Her work is currently being exhibited at the Workshop Gallery in Brooklyn, New York City. She has also exhibited through Galleries and Design shows in Germany (Glaugair) and South Africa; such as Southern Guild, Bronze Age, both Cape Town and Johannesburg Art Fairs as well as playing an important role in the ‘World Design Capital 2014 – Month Of Ceramics’.Woodman engages in an inquisitive processes of pushing the boundaries of the material properties of various metals and clay, discovering the tension between the visible and invisible. She draws a lot of inspiration from urban design and architecture.