Charl Christo

The day his friends stood on the side walk after many nights discussing the planning how they woulddodge the security camera’s, the police patrols and the perfect time of the early morning hours was thestart to that new breath of life in his art, his being, form of expression of what and who he is. Till thatday Charl-Christo’s art was the touch of his fingers on his William G Thomas’s piano and the controlof the buttons of his Nikon D50.His time doing studio work as an assistant photographer and the years behind the ivory keys since theage of 8 and all the planning for “that” day faded away with a simple suggestion to just do it in theopen and in the public’s eye… “Forget about all the planning” a friend said. So Charl-Christo stepped out onto the road and started to plot and just paint his  “fairy tale world”pedestrian crossing. It just needed to be done for the drunken students of the suburb of Observatory inCape Town…And that day stepping into the street at Open Streets was the first step to a new being asCharl-Christo.The public eye on that day got him his first paid job as a “street painter” for one of the City of CapeTown’s Design Capital events.That was a few years ago and his work was rough and him very new to it at that time.  His days arespent coaching in the cooperate environment.  But since that day it has grown on him and Charl-Christo has gotten a keen and keener interest in it and been working on perfecting his stencil work. Allwith the same “fairy tale world” theme of Walking Giants and Magic Flowers  trying to use thecommunity and the environment as inspiration and create his work.  Bringing the adversity of his life,his upbringing and the different worlds Charl-Christo has been exposed to into being.