Cosmic Lucky

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Born in Johannesburg, 1984. I studied Fine Art at Wits University andafter graduating in 2006 I moved to Japan for two years. When I returned home Iworked in galleries running exhibitions, documenting and assisting artists. Myjourney into public art began with stencils. Having majored as a printmaker,understanding the layers and working in reverse came natuarally. I progressedto larger walls and started painting under the pseudonym of Fin. This came fromrarely finishing a piece at the time and never wanting to sign my name. I saidthat I would only sign it once it’s done, knowing full well that would nothappen.From 2012 to 2014, I worked alongside TwoBy Two Art Supplies owner. We ran a project space in Newtown, Johannesburg,called Two By Two Art Studio where we hosted monthly graffiti and street artexhibitions, ran workshops and took on commissions. Now based in Cape Town Icontinue to paint walls, collaborate in community festivals, organiseexhibitions and provide creative workshops for individuals and groups. I am anobsessive list-maker, my work space is unusually tidy andIam passionate about the ethical treatment of animals. Everthing I paint payshomage to nature and our relationship to it. Juliet