Ubuntu Boys

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Born a preacher’s son, but born to preach a different kind of gospel.Growing up in the suburb of Mitchell’s Plain on the Cape Flats, Duane Lawrence was exposed to a lifestyle of drugs and gangsters on every corner, one that he knew he would adopt unless he found a way to break out of the cycle. And that’s exactly what he did. Duane started dancing and B-Boying at 11 years old and soon it became his salvation, separating him from his friends and peers who turned to a life of crime. He got his break in his matric year when he was given an opportunity to compete in the “Battle Of The Year” in Germany; essentially the world champs of break dancing. Lawrence had a decision to make, either to finish his matric year or travel to Germany with crew “Black Noise”. He knew that his future in Mitchell’s Plain was nothing compared to what he could experience with “Black Noise”, and he was right. After competing in “Battle Of The Year” he went on to travel the world with “Black Noise”, competing in several international tournaments. He returned to Cape Town and started his own crew “Ubuntu”, who he returned to “Battle Of The Year” with in 2004. In an interview he explains the meaning of the name “Ubuntu”, saying that “it means HUMANITY. I am me because of you. What I do affects you and what you do affects me. So we need to work together.”